How I use My Ipod

I never really wanted an ipod. Well, I wanted one in the sense that I want any cool gadget, I had no reason but it looked like fun to have. So I didn’t buy one and put the idea aside.

Fast-forward a year, my mother-in-law wants some help choosing a new computer. I go computer shopping with her and I help her pick out her new gear. The store offers her a deep discount on an ipod mini and she gets it for me as a thank-you gesture.

At first I used it just the way I had imagined I would, by loading it up with music and using it occasionally. That’s why I didn’t buy one for myself. But then I discovered the podcast. Eighteen months ago there were a handful of podcasts to choose from. Now many of the radio shows I actually want to hear are available this way.

About twice a week I load up my ipod with radio shows that magically appear on my computer thanks to software that saves my choices of shows and looks for new editions. I use itunes and ipodder for that task. I could have the software load up the ipod automatically but I find that if the menus are stuffed with too many choices on that little screen I miss shows. So I hook the ipod to the computer and remove shows I listened to, then add ones that are newly arrived on the computer. When I like a show I try to listen to every edition.

No more occasional use, now it is with me constantly. I love my little ipod, thank you mother-in-law.