The Perils of Money in Politics, Just One Example.

Chris DoddA friend of mine who likes to bring up misdeeds by democrats as proof that republicans are beyond reproach (I’m not sure how that works) told me that Chris Dodd is responsible for the accounting scandals from the late 90s to the present. I do not defend Dodd’s role in the problem but I do think there is blame to share. The story is actually quite interesting. A good synopsis of the problem and why it came to be was done by Frontline and you can watch it by following this link. If you can’t watch the whole program see at least chapters four and six.

Note: this link is no longer active, apologies.

Get Informed, Stay Informed, Start Before Election Season

Andy Rooney once put forth the proposition that people who do not bother to stay up on the issues of the day should not vote, possibly canceling out his informed and carefully considered vote. I can agree in principal. I’ve watched people try to sift through and understand current events for the last 30 days before an election, having ignored all the relevant issues for the previous 23-47 months.

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